Oxford CLIQR Suction Mount

Oxford CLIQR Suction Mount

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CLIQR range is manufactured from glass-filled nylon due to its superior mechanical properties, light weight and durability.CLIQR uses a dual locking, fail-safe mechanism to mount almost any device in the most convenient position for you. Simply stick the CLIQR device adaptor onto the back of your device and CLIQR it into the mount in the orientation that suits.The CLIQR Suction Mount can be applied to any non-porous surface. The integrated pivot arm allows for 360 degree rotation for the ideal viewing angle.Key Features• Universal adaptor with VHB 3M™ tape• Shared base mount• Attach to car windscreen or any non-porous surface• Quick and easy to detach• Convenient viewing at a glance• Perfect for navigating on the moveWhat’s included• 1 x Suction mount• 1 x Pivot arm• 2 x Device adaptor• 1 x Alcohol wipe

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