Oxford Clutch Lever Guard Nylon66 GF30 Black LEFT

Oxford Clutch Lever Guard Nylon66 GF30 Black LEFT

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Lever guards were developed to help avoid the accidental engagement of the front brake lever during close wheel-to-wheel racing. This concept can be equally be applied to road riding, protecting your lever(s) from wing mirror strikes while filtering.Key Features• Easy to install• Reduces accidental lever engagement• Lightweight glass filled Nylon construction• Unique Oxford design• Defence from lever strikes• Ideal for track use• Universal design fits 22mm handlebars• Includes 12-18mm handlebar inserts for different types of barsLeft (OX797) and Right (OX796) hand lever guards sold separately.

"You don't have to spend a fortune on lever guards to ride on track" – BennettsRead full review

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