Oxford HotGrips Essential -Commuter

Oxford HotGrips Essential -Commuter

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These HotGrips™ are universal, but have been designed to be compatible with motorcycles which have smaller batteries and less powerful charging systems. Therefore, they draw less current than other HotGrips™ such as those in the Oxford Premium and Advanced ranges. Soft, ultra-grippy rubber provides comfort & feedback and if required, the grips can be cut down to size.• Weather resistant heat controller• 2 way switch with High/Low function• Draws under 3.2A• Rainproof, double bonded, sealed for life switch• Fits 22mm handlebars• Moulded wiring arrangement is both durable and discreet• Unique Oxford tread design• Small size: 52 x 30 x 24mm (W x D x H)Includes:-• 2 x HotGrips™• 1 x heat controller• 1 x bracket and fittings for mounting the heat controller• 1 x wiring loom, cable ties and grip glue• 1 x instruction booklet and warranty form

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