Oxford Hotgrips EVO Adventure (Temperature controlled)

Oxford Hotgrips EVO Adventure (Temperature controlled)

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EVO HotGrips™ are a technological leap forward and will dramatically increase the enjoyment of winter riding.EVO HotGrips™ feature thermistor technology in each grip, which allows them to heat up faster and then automatically regulates the exact surface temperature in accordance with the temperature that you set on the heat controller.So, no matter what the ambient temperature might be, your grips will always be at the right temperature that you want, never too hot or too cold.Re-designed rubberised internals are easier to fit and more secure than conventional heated grips.EVO-Adventure HotGrips™ have ergonomically engineered surface structures to optimise riding performance. Thicker rubber in areas of maximum wear, square tread pattern for vibration absorption, 5² block siped tread patterns for high levels of grip and feel, diamond tread pattern where maximum grip is required and a waffled area for finger-grip control.Key Features• Intelligently scans and maintains temperature• 5 heat settings• Intelligent heat setting memory• Weatherproof connectors• Battery saving mode• Redesigned controller unit• Weather proof design• Fits 22mm handlebars• Adjustable length Max 132mm – Min 122mm• Simple Installation• Draws under 4A• Optimised tread pattern• Sealed for lifeAll fittings and instructions included:-• 2 x HotGrips™• 1 x intelligent controller• 1 x mounting bracket and fittings for the heat controller• 1 x wiring loom, cable ties and grip glue• 1 x instruction booklet and warranty form

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