Oxford LEDicator – Neptune (incl. 2 resistors)

Oxford LEDicator – Neptune (incl. 2 resistors)

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Oxford LEDicators Advanced LED technologyReplace your standard indicators with these beautifully crafted, miniaturized, high performance components. A battery of high intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) put basic, low wattage bulbs in the shade. Their remarkable 10,000MCD (1000 candle power) or 150,000MCD for the Oxford Nano of lighting energy is optimised by a new ’Honeycomb’ lens technology, helping to maximise your visibility when manoeuvring. As well as their bespoke design and enhanced performance, Oxford Eyeshot LED indicators boast a much longer life-span than conventional bulb-lit indicators, so you can spend more time enjoying your bike and less time maintaining it.

  • Ultra reliable: No bulbs to replace
  • Vibration tested and sealed for life
  • Exceed necessary legal standards

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