Oxford Premium Spinners M12 (1.25 thread) Black

Oxford Premium Spinners M12 (1.25 thread) Black

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Spinners are premium rotating paddock stand bobbins.

Bobbins make fitting a rear paddock stand to your bike much easier and quicker. Frame Forks must be fitted to the rear paddock stand before bobbins can be used. The majority of bikes have pre-threaded holes in their swingarms to fit Bobbins. Some bikes have uneven swingarms, making the use of Bobbins the only way to safely fit a rear paddock stand. The bearing provides smooth transition, making spinners the easiest/safest way to use a paddock stand. Key Features

  • Lightweight anodised alloy bobbin with stainless steel bearing
  • Quick and simple installation onto the frame/swing-arm
  • Does not mark the bikes swingarm

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