Oxford Stormex Cover

Oxford Stormex Cover

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The Oxford Stormex cover is our most famous cover and for good reason, it protects! The Stormex is an outdoor cover, which has a tough outer, and will protect your bike from rain, sun, snow and dust. Backed up with a luxurious padded lining will shield against small accidental bumps and knocks whilst parked up.The UK’s most respected motorcycle consumer title RiDE Magazine gave the Stormex top marks and “RECOMMENDED” in their market review. They praised the many unique features, the quality of construction and the serious protection it offers against water, abrasion and heat. Local police initiatives have shown that bike covers can be a useful anti-theft device – if a thief can't see what kind of motorcycle is underneath they are less likely to target it. Combine with one of our award winning chain or disc locks with built-in alarm, to add an additional layer of defence against any would-be bike thief.Key Features

  • Externally bonded seams for maximum rain protection
  • Ventilated to reduce condensation
  • Tough outer protects against weather & knocks
  • Soft heat-resistant lining protects against scratches
  • Reflective panels increase visibility at night
  • Adjustable belly strap holds it in place
  • UV colourfast solution dyed fibres
  • Rubber taping with UV protection
  • Heat resistant lining material in case of momentary contact with exhaust
  • Wrap around splash protector prevents water from being absorbed up the lining
  • Lock pouch helps to keep your padlock off the ground
  • Strategically positioned holes facilitate the use of a lock
  • Rear window allows the number to be visible, but an internal ‘curtain’ enables it to be covered
  • Front inner pocket with PVC window to hold a solar panel charger IMPORTANT: Do not allow this cover to come into contact with hot exhausts, engine parts or sharp objects.SizesThe following sizes are approximate, as the covers are shaped:-
  • Small – 203cm (Length) X 83cm (Width) X 119cm (Height)
  • Medium – 229cm (Length) X 99cm (Width) X 125cm (Height)
  • Large – 246cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 127cm (Height)
  • X-Large – 277cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 141cm (Height)

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